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Steel Drum Heater

steel drum heater

    drum heater
  • A drum heater – also called band heater, barrel heater, container heater or canister heater- is used to reduce viscosity of liquids and gels by heating in order to fill, pump or bottle the respective liquid or to prevent liquids from freezing inside the drum.

  • get ready for something difficult or unpleasant

  • cover, plate, or edge with steel

  • Mentally prepare (oneself) to do or face something difficult

  • an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon; widely used in construction; mechanical properties can be varied over a wide range

677-678 ooty tea factory (iii)

677-678 ooty tea factory (iii)


rotorvane(?????????),CTC(??(Crush)???(Tear)???(Curl)),googy(??????), fermenting floor(???), fluid bed drier(??????), fibromat(??????), shifter(???)

The first stage is Tea manufacture is withering.The tea leaf which arrives from the estates is spread on the withering troughs, and a mixture of hot and cold air is passed through them, so that some amount of moisture is removed from the leaf. The withering process takes 10 to 12 hours.
The machine seen below is the Rotorvane. It consists of stainless steel ‘vanes’ and gunmetal resistors. The leaf, while passing through this machine, is crushed and the juices extracted. The leaf, soaked in its juices, comes out of the Rotorvane and enters the CTC machines.
CTC machines
Seen below is a chain of 5 CTC (cut, turn, curl) machines. The leaf is cut, twisted and curled when it passes through these toothed, high speed stainless steel rollers, which run in opposite directions.
The leaf which has been cut into tiny particles now enters the Googy. The Googy is a large aluminium drum which runs at normal speed. The tea particles while passing through this machine, assume the needed rounded shape and density.
The leaf which comes out of the Googy is spread on the Fermenting floor. The leaf is spread in the form of beds, usually of 4 ft width and 10 ft length, with a thickness of not more than 3 inches. During Fermentation, the leaf reacts with Oxygen in the atmosphere and changes colour. The green ‘dhool’ which is spread on the Floor, slowly turns copper red. At a particular point, when smelt, a fruit fragrance is identified, which indicates that the dhool is ready for drying.
The dhool is now fed into the Fluid Bed Drier. The tea passes over a perforated, stainless steel sheet of dimensions 2&1/4 ft x 16 ft. Hot air produced by a heater enters through the bottom of the sheet, keeping the tea in constant motion, making it appear like a liquid. The process takes 16 minutes.
The dried tea now gets elevated through an Elevator and falls into a machine called the Fibromat. As the name indicates, it helps remove the fibre in the tea. At the end of the Fibromat is a mesh that separates the Dust and Leaf.
There are two shifters, one for the Dust and another for the Leaf. The Leaf tea is granular in shape and graded into Pekoe, BOP, BP and BOPF according to their sizes. Similarly, the Dust teas are named Pekoe dust, Red dust, Super red dust and Super fine dust according to their sizes.



CleanSpeak™ system communicates with WPGT9360E
English/Spanish LCD option
Reversible control panel
7.3 cu. ft. king-size capacity
Dual electronic thermistors
Separate blower and tumble motors
Moisture sensor with two sensing bars
Adaptive cool down
Fastest premium dryer you can buy!
King-size opening with double-paned glass window
Variable heater
Long venting capabilities up to 150 ft.**
Stainless steel drum
Variable end-of-cycle signal
Six custom cycle settings
Supreme quiet performance

43 1/4 in x 29 in x 27 in
Capacity King-size
Total Capacity (cubic feet) 7.30 ft3
Control Type LCD - Touch
Moisture Sensor DuoDry™
Adaptive Logic System™ Yes
Cool Down Yes
Custom Cycles Yes
Cycle Countdown with LCD Indicators
Cycle Status Lights Display Time
Drum Interior Stainless Steel
Heat Selections 5
Number of Cycles Multiple
Cottons - Delicates Yes
Cottons - Easy Care Yes
Cottons - Knits/Sweaters Yes
Cottons - Mixed Loads Yes
Cottons Cycle Yes
Delicates Cycle with Extra-Low Temp
Optional Dryness Levels - Damp Yes
Optional Dryness Levels - Dry Yes
Optional Dryness Levels - Less Dry Yes
Optional Dryness Levels - More Dry Yes
Specialty Cycles Yes
Timed Dry - Regular Yes
Wrinkle Care Cycle Yes
Add Time Yes
AirDry Yes
Dewrinkle Yes
Dryel Cycle Yes
Extended Tumble Yes
Speed Dry Yes
Warm Up Option Yes
Delay Start Yes
Dryer Interior Light Yes
Dryer Rack Deluxe
End-of-Cycle Signal Variable
Lint Filter with Reminder
Removable Up-Front Lint Filter Yes
Exhaust Options 4-Way (Rear; Right; Left & Bottom)
Front Serviceable Yes
Reverse-A-Door Yes
Quiet Insulation Package Supreme
Color Appearance Dark Platinum
Overall Depth 29 in
Overall Height 43 1/4 in
Overall Width 27 in
Approximate Shipping Weight 155 lb
Net Weight (lbs.) 137 lb
Volts/Watts/Amps 240V; 6000W; 28.5A

steel drum heater

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