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Space Heater Furnace - Wall Mount Garage Heater - Halogen Wall Heater.

Space Heater Furnace

space heater furnace

    space heater
  • A space heater is a self contained device for heating an enclosed area. . Space heating is generally employed to warm a small space, and is usually held in contrast with central heating, which warms many connected spaces at once.

  • Space Heater is the fifth album by Reverend Horton Heat, released by Interscope Records in March 1998. It charted on the Billboard 200, reaching number 187. Pride of San Jacinto appears in the videogame Hot Wheels Turbo Racing.

  • A self-contained appliance, usually electric, for heating an enclosed room

  • heater consisting of a self-contained (usually portable) unit to warm a room

  • An appliance fired by gas, oil, or wood in which air or water is heated to be circulated throughout a building in a heating system

  • an enclosed chamber in which heat is produced to heat buildings, destroy refuse, smelt or refine ores, etc.

  • Used to describe a very hot place

  • A furnace is a device used for heating. The name derives from Latin fornax, oven. The earliest furnace was excavated at Balakot, a site of the Indus Valley Civilization, dating back to its mature phase (c. 2500-1900 BC). The furnace was most likely used for the manufacturing of ceramic objects.

  • Furnace is the first album released by the industrial music group Download. It was one of the first albums released with a lenticular cover. Their follow-up EP Microscopic also made use of this new type of packaging.

  • An enclosed structure in which material can be heated to very high temperatures, e.g., for smelting metals

Day 1074 - Hand and Butt Warmer

Day 1074 - Hand and Butt Warmer

Yes, we have heat again! And not just from this space heater either :-) Thanks to friends my furnace is once again doing it's job. It will probably require a part to be replaced but we will handle that. For now the house is warm. I am going to bed now. The furnace has warmed the house, the space heater has rendered the bedroom toasty warm and my electric mattress pad has taken the chill from my sheets. I anticipate smooth sailing in La-La Land Tonight!

January 28th, 2009: In Hot Water

January 28th, 2009: In Hot Water

Well, there is nothing like following up a miserable bout of the flu with house troubles, but our water-based furnace in the attic sprung a leak causing the heating vents to pour out steamy air, and causing us to lose our heater completely. Last night we slept bundled up in layers and bought a single little space heater to help keep the house at least a bit more bearable. Thank goodness it was only for one night!

space heater furnace

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